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Material exhibiton "HEALTHY MATERIALS“ selected by raumprobe

It is already the fifth material-show that raumprobe has curated and organized for ARCHITECT @ WORK in the successful eight-year collaboration. HEALTHY MATERIALS focuses on health-relevant, sustainable and ecological materials. Not only the materials and processes are examined, but also their lifecycle processes from development to recycling, as well as their impact on people and the environment.


With HEALTHY MATERIALS, raumprobe creates a comprehensive and relevant overview of the megatrend of our time that informs, fascinates and inspires creative people, architects, interior designers and planners from the building and craftwork industry. The material-show includes the following categories: antibacterial I antiviral I acoustics I greenery I biologically harmless I insulation I recycling and circular economy I building pollution-free and living healthy I natural surfaces I renewable I certifications I research and many more.


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