Station Berlin, 11 & 12 November 2020

Features and seminars 2018

Sebastian Thaut - Atelier ST


Architecture is fundamentally the body and object. This is based on respective structures. Bearing structures, rooms, functionality and material structures. Together, they make up the building.
However, the perception of architecture is decisively influenced by the respective surface. The skin of a building. It is of great importance because it can conceal the things behind them, present them, or disguise them mysteriously. They contribute significantly to how a building is related to its environment and to itself and how it is experienced by the viewer.
With our architecture, we pursue the goal of a consistent connection between body, structure and surface. It is the art of using the ingredients that a building needs in the right proportion. Because only when shape, structure, material and surface as well as light and shade are in harmony with each other, distinctive structures are created. At best, the architecture is quiet and in itself.
For silence in architecture brings us to limit ourselves to the essential things.

All seminars are recognised by Architektenkammer Berlin

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