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Inspired by the plant and animal world, where fibres often form structures that are both light and highly resistant, FibR GmbH has been realising unique structures made of fibre composites since 2017.

The transfer of these principles to the construction industry is made possible by the combination of novel, computer-based design methods and robotic manufacturing. Through optimisation processes, fibres are placed in such a way that they absorb the forces exactly where it makes the most sense. The results are load-bearing structures, façades and interior fittings that can carry high loads with little weight and combine design aspects, transparency, shadows and visual lightness with robustness and load-bearing capacity. From production to assembly, this construction method is very resource-efficient.

The building elements exhibited at Architect@Work are part of a completed façade of the Texoversum in Reutlingen. The 1800 m² façade structure forms the guardrail of the surrounding balconies and shading of the interior rooms, and in doing so fulfils requirements for weather and fire resistance.

In addition to high-performance carbon fibres and luminous glass fibres, FibR also produces biocomposite structures from natural basalt and flax fibres. Compared to conventional building materials and processes, FibR offers a timely and more environmentally friendly alternative that also opens up novel design possibilities.

Texoversum Hochschule Reutlingen
Planer: Allman Wappner, Menges Scheffler Architekten, Jan Knippers Ingenieure, Hochschule Reutlingen, Kubus360, und Südwesttextil © FibR

Robotische Fertigung in der FibR GmbH © FibR

livMatS Pavilion – FibR GmbH in Kooperation mit Universität Stuttgart und LivMats © FibR


Maison Fibre bei der La Biennale di Venezia 2021 – FibR GmbH in Kooperation mit Universität Stuttgart © FibR


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