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Features and seminars 2022

Gesunde.Materialien - Kriterien und beispielhafte Heilsbringer


Hannes Bäuerle
raumprobe, Stuttgart


Learn about criteria and composition of recipes to consider when using healthy materials. 

This lecture is accredited by the AK Berlin.

Material: Das Experiment der Wiederverwendung


Prof. Amandus Samsøe Sattler
DGNB President, Berlin/Stuttgart


Materials and construction methods are the focus when it comes to climate-friendly building. Natural renewable materials, but also reused materials, can be processed with little energy expenditure, strengthen the indoor climate and reveal an unexpected beauty. 

This lecture is accredited by the AK Berlin.

Neugierde und Begeisterung


Susanne Brandherm und Sabine Krumrey
brandherm + krumrey interior architecture, Köln/Hamburg


We want to share with you our personal meaning of the ubiquitous buzzword "sustainability". This can be impressions, projects, encounters, transformations, material knowledge and more.

This lecture is accredited by the AK Berlin.


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